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October 21, 2005



Take action today to protect the Lewis and Clark Mount Hood Wilderness!

Our long awaited Wilderness bill is in the works and, thanks to you, it is gaining momentum!

Thousands of Oregonians have contacted their Senators and Representative over the last year to demand that the unprotected wild lands of the Columbia Gorge and Mount Hood be permanently safeguarded as a legacy for future generations. Our hard work is paying off--the Oregon Congressional delegation is begining to act! In July Congressmen Greg Walden and Earl Blumenauer held a series of meetings on Mount Hood to talk about the need to protect more the area's pristine lands, and in August they hiked the Timberline Trail on Mount Hood together to discuss Wilderness and get a first-hand view of this Oregon icon. We expect that the Cooper Spur area will be part of the Wilderness bill.

But our work is far from done! In the coming weeks Oregon's two Senators and five Representatives will be sitting down to write Wilderness legislation. It is vital that Oregonians who value wild forests, clean rivers, and abundant wildlife contact their elected officials today and encourage them to protect all 261,000 acres of Wilderness-quality land in the Columbia Gorge and on Mount Hood! The next few weeks are crucial!

Take Action! Please act today to protect Oregon's natural heritage!

Here's what we need you to do.

Write a letter to Congressman Walden urging him to permanently protect Oregon's scenic icons - Mount Hood and the Columbia Gorge. (Click here to see sample letters on our website.)
Using your computer's fax function (it's usually listed in your printers file); fax the letter to Congressman Walden's office in Washington DC at (202) 225-5774. If your computer doesn't have a fax function, we encourage a trip to Kinkos or the nearest fax machine.

If you don't have a fax handy, please print your letter and mail it to Congressman Walden's Bend office at the Jamison Building 131 NW Hawthorne, Suite 201, Bend, OR 97701

But please, don't stop with Representative Walden. When you've sent your fax or letter, take a few moments to call Senator Gordon Smith at (503) 326-3386 and urge that he also get behind legislation to preserve more of the Columbia Gorge and Mount Hood as Wilderness!

As more details about Wilderness legislation become available, we will relay them to you.

Friends, we know that you've worked hard to get us this far. During a time when we have been besieged by seemingly endless threats to our wildlife, wild lands, and waters, we are, for the first time in 20 years, very close to a passing legislation to permanently protect a large area of Oregon's remaining wild forest as Wilderness. That's why it's so important we redouble our efforts.
Now is the time to help our leaders protect the Lewis and Clark Mount Hood Wilderness!

Holiday Fun and Fundraising

Cooper Spur Wild and Free needs volunteers again this year to sell our Christmas wreaths and pear gift boxes. This is a fun way to meet the outdoor community in Portland, promote our Wilderness initiative and keep Cooper Spur Wild and Free operating. Of course the pears are the world’s best from the Hood River Valley and the wreath materials are also grown and assembled there.

We need volunteers at the REI and Patagonia stores for Saturdays starting November 26th. If we get enough help we can do Sunday events too, as we did last year. To sign up please call or email Russ Pascoe (360) 993-5259 or e-mail becruss@hotmail.com. Sign up for a few or many days and hours as you can!”

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