Mt. Hood Meadow's Poor Environmental Record
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US Army Corp of Engineers Documents Violations
  • The United States Army Corps of Engineers documented numerous violations of the Clean Water Act by Mt. Hood Meadows resulting from unpermitted fills of sensitive alpine wetlands.
  • Local citizens discovered oil spills that were not reported by Mt. Hood Meadows. Oregon DEQ had to order Meadows to excavate hundreds of cubic yards of contaminated soil in order to remediate the spill.
  • Mt. Hood Meadows actively opposed Clinton's historic roadless area initiative that received the support of millions Americans.
  • Mt. Hood Meadows' proposed expansion plans would impact between 60-70 acres of old-growth forest.
  • Mt. Hood Meadows has clearcut acres of runs in the sensitive krummholz ecosystem high on Mt. Hoodıs alpine slopes.
  • Mt. Hood Meadows' planned expansion of the West Side Base area would impact over 40 acres of sensitive riparian reserves.
  • Mt. Hood Meadows' proposed expansion plans would kill spotted owls and would adversely effect native steelhead trout that are protected under the Endangered Species Act.
  • Mt. Hood Meadows built an illegal road to construct the Cascade Chair after the Forest Service forced them to drop the road due to environmental concerns raised by local citizens.
  • Judge King of the United States District Court held that Mt. Hood Meadows and the United States Forest Service failed to look at alternatives to the tremendous traffic problems on U.S. 26. 

Ski Area Citizens' Environmental Scorecard

The Ski Area Citizens’ produces an Environmental Scorecard that grades  western U.S. ski resorts on their environmental policies and practices. The Coalition strives to differentiate between those ski areas that engage in environmentally sound practices on the ground versus those that merely claim to do so.

Gravel plowed into the headwaters of the east fork of the Hood River

Wetlands filled to create a ski run




Litter accumulates in the meadow after snowmelt

Erosion caused by chair lift construction

Debris caused by water sheeting over pavement

A rare white bark alpine fir is cut

updated: 02/10/2005

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