Why NOT develop? Fact Sheets and Talking Points

Title   Summary
Economic Reasons why we don't want a Destination Resort
Adobe Acrobat File (PDF), 968 Kb
05/22/2003 Overview of the reasons why a large-scale resort at Cooper Spur would not generate additional revenue for Hood River County.
Logging in the Cooper Spur Fact Sheet
Acrobat File (PDF), 28 Kb
05/22/2003 Details of the Polallie-Cooper and Clear timber sales.
Threats to Mt. Hood Wildlife Factsheet
Acrobat File (PDF), 36 Kb
05/22/2003 Detailed list of threats to wildlife on the north side of Mt. Hood
Land Exchange Challenge Fact Sheet
Acrobat File (PDF), 20Kb
04/21/2003 Details of the Hood River County/Mt. Hood Meadows land swap
Don't Let Them Steal our Mountain - Fact Sheet Acrobat File (PDF) 19 Kb 04/21/2003 1-page summary of major arguments in opposition to development
Meadows Environmental Record Fact Sheet
Acrobat File (PDF), 29 Kb
04/21/2003 1-page listing of Mt. Hood Meadows' environmental violations
Fire & Thinning in the Pollalie-Cooper Spur Sale, 1-page Fact Sheet from BARK  
Acrobat File (PDF), 333 Kb
2/10/2003 1-page illustrated flyer published by BARK summarizing reasons to oppose the Polallie-Cooper sale
Errors in the Goal 8 Mapping Process
Acrobat File (PDF), 20 Kb
2/2003 List of errors incurred during the Goal 8 mapping process
Public Testimony Opposing Development
Acrobat File (PDF), 22 Kb
2/2003 List of 30 arguments made by members of the public opposing destination resort development at Cooper Spur
Why Save a Mountain?
Acrobat File (PDF), 105 Kb
  William Collins of the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club speaks to the intrinsic value of wilderness.
10 Reasons to OPPOSE Destination Resort Expansion
Acrobat File (PDF), 26 Kb
  The Coalition Response to Top 10 Reasons to Support a Destination Resort Expansion at Cooper Spur Mountain Resort, a statement by "Friends of Cooper Spur Mountain Resort"
Tell the Truth!
Acrobat File (PDF), 24 Kb
  Urge the Forest Service and Mt. Hood Meadows to Tell the Public the Truth about Threats to the Northeast Side of Mt. Hood, by Joe Keating, Sierra Club - Federal Forests North


updated: 02/10/2005

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