Hood River County/Meadows North LLC Land Swap
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In August, 2001, Hood River County traded 614 acres to Mt. Hood Meadows and also paid them over 1 million dollars. The County received about 786 acres in return. Trades are required to be for equal value, which requires the County to determine the value of the property. The County must obtain reports from its assessor's office and other qualified appraisers that support its determination of the traded property's value.

State law does not authorize the County to pay any money for the difference in value between the properties traded; instead they must be equal. State law also requires the County to involve the public and follow a specified procedure.

See Cascade Resources Advocacy Group website for details, documents, and hearing timelines.

1. The land swap received tentative approval before the value of the land had been established.
2. The land swap received tentative approval prior to public hearings.
3. The land was evaluated at a very low cost/acre scale.


Below are documents relating to the land swap:

Status of Land Trade

Coalition's Land Trade Scoping Input to Forest Service

US Forest Service Cooper Spur-Government Camp Land Exchange


2002 March 3 land swap finalized
2001 October 16 reports of value of land swap lands completed
2001 October 2 meeting of Meadows with county staff to present timeline and intent to propose land use rezoning
2001 August 25 public disclosure of land swap and resort development plans presented to group of Cooper Spur area home owners
2001 August 20 land exchange tentatively approved
2001 July discussions regarding land swap with county and state officials

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