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Hood River News articles (most recent listed first)
2004 July 24 Sen. Wyden peddles bike-friendly wilderness
2004 June 8 Mt. Hood Summit spans range of issues
2004 April 10 Wyden announces forum on plan to expand wilderness
2003 Nov. 7 Voters pass two disputed land measures
2003 Nov. 5 Both ballot measures pass
2003 Oct. 25 Let the People Decide: 'Common Sense' measure protects water
2003 Oct. 21 Citizen Groups weigh in on Nov. 4 ballot
2003 Oct. 18 Big issues on 'small' ballot
2003 Oct. 11 Support ballot measure for future of water resouces
2003 Sept. 24 Overstressing Mt. Hood: No right way to do the WRONG thing
2003 August 13 Balance for the 'compass'; Plan, yet preserve, speakers say at 1st Mt. Hood summit
2003 August 13 Development vote appears headed for ballot
2003 July 25 Opposing camps seek compromise in resort battle
2003 June 20 New Meadows ballot proposal raises legal questions
2003 June 20 Meadows seeks resort comments
2003 May 30 Citizen Action
2003 May 9 Art for the Sky
2003 May 9 Judge gives third ‘no’ to HRVRC land suit
2003 May 9 New resort bill on table
2003 April 8 Judge assigns homework to opposing teams
2003 February 22 County planners review resort zoning concerns
2003 February 7 Planning officials wind up resort comments
2003 February 1 Resort map testimony will continue Feb. 5
2003 January 24 Crowd overflows map hearing
2003 January 21 Second hearing set on draft resort map
2003 January 17 Two groups stake out resort hearing
2003 January 14 'Friends' group promotes resort on Mt. Hood
2003 January 10 County readies resort map for public review
2003 January 3 Cooper Spur undergoes major face lift
2002 December 24 Cooper Spur Wild and Free coalition 'fights with facts'
2003 December 13 Wyers steps down from Meadows land case
2002 December 4 Map change favors Meadows
2002 November 16 Draft map spurns Cooper Spur
2002 November 1 County to unveil resort sites map
2002 Sept 20 Cooper Spur Coalition spars with Mt. Hood Meadows
2002 August 20 Cooper Spur Becomes 'Mountain Resort'
2002 August 12 Residents Appeal court dismissal
2002 July 23 Residents gear up for showdown
2002 July 19 Meadows triggers zone study
2002 July 12 Judge stays with decision
2002 June 18 Meadows answers law suit
2002 June 12 Meadows involved in new legal bout
2002 April 30 Court to hear round one in Meadows case
2202 April 24 County wants Residents' lawsuit dismissed
2002 April 3 Residents challenge county, Meadows over land trade
2002 March 6 County challenged over Meadows timber trade
2002 February 16 Meadows ski trail approved despite flurry of protests
2001 November 24 County finales forest land swap with Mt. Hood Meadows
2001 November 24 Cooper Spur proposes new chairlift
2001 November 14 Meadows purchases Cooper Spur
2001 August 21 County okays Meadows swap
2001 August 17 Residents Oppose Land Swap
2001 July 11 Meadows buys Cooper Spur Inn
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 Letters to the Editor
2004 April 20 OREG: Protect Treasure of Mt. Hood
2004 April 17 NRN: Thank Wyden
2004 April 17 NRN: Talk to Senator Wyden
2004 April 10 OREG: Add to nearby wilderness
2004 April 9 OREG: Recreation Pressure Grows
2004 April 9 OREG: Add to Hatfield Wilderness Area
2003 Oct. 22 HRN: Yes on 14-15
2003 August 20 HRN: Need Cooperation
2003 August 16 OREG: Save the Mountain
2003 August 14 HRN: Preserve Tilly
2003 June 6 HRN: Crystal Springs map stays
2003 April 16 HRN: Priority to Protect, Sustain What?
2003 April 7 HRN: Resort Plans
2003 March 12 HRN: Set up watersheds
2003 February 26 HRN: Resort 'instrustion', Clear Crystal
2003 February 19 HRN: ebble to Scale, Farmers are needed, Clear Consensus, Protect the Springs
2003 February 12

HRN: ‘A sentinel’

2003 February 5 HRN: Agree to Pay, Don't Change Spur, Protect Hood
2003 February 1 HRN: Critical Hearing, Resort Ill-fitted, Protect Valley
2003 January 29 HRN: Protect a Gem, Water & Winter Pears, ‘Outrageous’ idea, Keep it clean, Ordinance Flawed, Resort as it is, Not Another Bend
2003 January 22 HRN: Think Progress, Flora & Fauna First, Locals Get Scraps, Last Best Chance
2003 January 15 HRN: Not a Great Site, Come Together
2003 January 4 HRN: Outside In, Threat to Mountain, Keep Water Clean
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Portland Oregonian
2010 October 25 Land exchange will prevent resort development on north side of Mt. Hood
2010 October 22 Notice of public meeting regarding land swap
2004 July 22 Mt. Hood Wilderness plan comes complete with bike zone
2004 June 3

Appeals court allows lawsuit against Hood River County

2004 May 5 Help forge a vision for Mount Hood's future
2004 April 15 Wyden finds support for Hood wilderness at 'listening' session
2004 April 12 Mount Hood trail skies toward history
2004 April 11 A Mount Hood National Park?
2004 March 29 Meeting looks toward Cooper Spur compromise
2004 March 26

Wyden floats idea of nearly doubling wilderness areas on Hood, in gorge

2003 August 10 Where's Karl Rove when you need him?
2003 August 9 Mount Hood summit starts search for a vision
2003 August 7 Future of Hood topic of summit
2003 June 19 Ski resort owner rethinks plan
2003 March 30 In search of a beast that may be gone
2003 March 9 A valley's acres of anger
2003 March 9 Issue of development value is key to suit over land swap
2003 February 5 Resort plans hang on watershed boundaries
2003 January 27 Ski resort plans put county on the spot
2002 May 18 Plans to log near Cooper Spur draw criticism
2002 March 17 Meadows owners plan new resort on Mt. Hood
2001 November 13 Mt. Hood Meadows' plan adds Cooper Spur
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Oregon Public Broadcasting
2003 May 15 What Season's Best in Oregon?
2003 January 23 Hood River Considers Resort Costs, Benefits
2001 December 6 Concerns Over Possible Expansion at Mt. Hood Meadows
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Other Sources
2010 November 2  notice by the US Forest Service in the Federal Register


 October 13 A notice by the US Forest Service in the Federal Register


ECONorthwest: Economic Benefits of Conserving Recreational Benefits and Drinking Water at Cooper Spur

June 8

Longview Daily News (AP): Mt. Hood wilderness plan gains ground

April 30

KOIN.COM: Controversial Expansion Plans Scaled Back

April 15

NW Cable News: Oregon Sen. Wyden pushes Mount Hood wilderness plan


March 31

Sandy Post: Wyden proposal protects Sandy’s watershed area

March 26

Springfield Gazette Times: Wyden: Add Oregon wilderness

May 5

 Portland Tribune: Residents balk at proposal to swap land on Mt. Hood
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Coalition Press Releases
CSWF October 2010 notification of call for scoping comments
BARK Community and Environmental Groups Request Forest Service to Withdraw Controversial Mount Hood Timber Sale
HRVRC in opposition to Hood River County land exchange with Mt. Hood Meadows
Mazamas on the proposed destination resort and ski area expansion on the NE side of Mt. Hood
Oregon Nordic Club resolution against resort development

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