The Threat of Logging

Currently there are two timber sales threatening this area:
(click here for Polallie-Cooper fact sheet and a discussion of the fallacy of current fire risk reduction strategies)

  • Clear sale: The Clear Planning Area roughly located north of Mt. Hood, between Laurence Lake and the Mt. Hood Wilderness. It consists of approximately 5,791 acres within the Middle Fork and East Fork of the Hood River Watersheds.The plan is for 500 acres to be logged: 81 acres to be clear-cut (regeneration harvest), 27 acres of this clear-cut is currently planned to occur within the Mt. Hood Highway 35 Scenic Viewshed; 343 acres of commercial thinning; 21 acres of *overstory* removal (explicit logging of old-growth); 14 acres of Riparian Reserve logging; and 3.5 miles of new roads. Please see the BARK website for specifics and map of the Clear sale (be sure to scroll down through entire page).

At Issue...

  • Increased risk of forest fire in brushy re-growth areas
  • polluted and silted streams
  • heavy logging traffic on HR roads
  • disruption of wildlife migration corridor
  • degradation of watershed
  • increased risk of landslides
  • clearcuts
  • loss of backcountry natural area
  • degraded wildlife habitat

updated: 02/10/2005

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