About the Coalition

Photo by Cate Hotchkiss

The Cooper Spur Wild & Free Coalition was formed in 2002. Our strong and diverse affiliation of 14 recreation, environmental, and citizen organizations first came together to fight against Mt. Hood Meadows’ plans to develop a sprawling destination resort on the slopes of Mt. Hood near Cooper Spur.

We were instrumental in crafting “the Clean Sweep” historic solution that redirected Meadows development plans to lands zoned and planned for development in Government Camp while preserving Cooper Spur from developent.

The member organizations of Cooper Spur Wild and Free continue to work together to keep Mt. Hood’s north side wild.

Our mission is to preserve and protect the biological integrity and historic nature of the north side of Mt. Hood in and around Cooper Spur from new development, increased commercial activities, high impact recreational expansion, and timber sales on public and private lands in and adjacent to those lands.

2020 Officers:

President, Russ Pascoe
Vice-President and Secretary, Barbara Wilson
Treasurer, Keith De Wit



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